Cuyamaca College
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Cuyamaca College
Student Stipend Amounts; Surv.pdf
Sudent Stipend — application

Cuyamaca College—
Land Surveying —
January 29, 2016 Classes Begin

Santiago Canyon College Surveying and Mapping Program
Associate degree and LSIT review certificate— info

California Land Surveyors Association Foundation—
Eligibility information & Application -

San Diego chapter Land Surveyors Scholarships—
State Wide scholarships -

California Land Surveyors Scholarships
Vance Breshears Scolarship aplication — application

This site is sponsored by the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) and serves as the most comprehensive single source of educational resources available to those interested in a career in land surveying. From outreach programs to interesting articles, this site offers easily accessible information for both students and educators.  SURVEYPATH.ORG

Land Survey Systems
Various locations. Contact Pacific Land Seminars., or call 949-642-0335. See Pacific Lands website -

Geospatial Analysis and Technology
Seminars, courses and software training.  Contact or call 951-827-4105.  Web-site:

CSU Fresno Geomatics Engineering Department
Contact for program and on-line courses.

CSU Pomona Surveying Program