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We have incorporated a page of links to sites that could be useful to our members. If you come across a link you would like to add to our site please submit it to The webmaster
Land Development Forms that you can download

California Land Surveyors Association Link Page

NGS's Height Modernization web site
Contains a series of activities designed to advance and promote the determination of elevations by GPS surveying. It includes activities leading to improved height determination both for the static surveyor and for the moving navigator.

is an excellent vehicle for publishing your data. You can distribute the ArcExplorer setup and your data on CD's. Users can then use the CD to install ArcExplorer on their machines and view your data easily and effectively.

American Congress on Surveying & Mapping—ACSM

The American Association for Geodetic Surveying — AAGS

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society — CAGIS

The Geographic and Land Information Society — GLIS

The National Society of Professional Surveyors, Inc. — NSPS

2009 BLM manual.—